IsoWhey® Products

Isowhey® Products


IsoWhey® Weight Managment

IsoWhey® Weight Management is a high quality, easy to digest, nutritional protein powder. IsoWhey Complete contains ultra-purified whey protein isolate and high-grade whey concentrate that is free from the milk protein casein and contains only 0.8g lactose per serve.



IsoWhey® Sports

IsoWhey Sports has evolved from the passion that IsoWhey has for peak health and research-based nutritional supplementation.

Each product contains ingredients sourced from world leaders in nutraceutical science, and provides doses aimed at delivering results. Our commitment to providing pure, nutritional ingredients that truly complement a healthy lifestyle means that the entire IsoWhey Sports range is also free from all artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and added fructose.

IsoWhey Sports provides superior products and ingredients for optimal nutrition and performance.

Sports range includes:

  • 100% Lean + WPI (Chocolate / Vanilla)
  • Electrolyte Formula
  • Endurance Formula
  • Pre-Workout Formula