Success Stories

Kerryn Hoffman's story

kerryn-hoffmanI am 20kg lighter, happy, healthy and full of energy thanks to IsoWhey. Just by following the recommendations in the IsoWhey Booklet, I lost two kilos each week for the first five weeks and went on to lose another ten kilos easily. For four weeks I followed the Intensive Programme and replaced breakfast and either afternoon tea or dinner with an IsoWhey shake. At other meal times I ate foods from the recommended food lists. The recipes were yummy and easy to follow. I didn't have extensive shopping lists to plan or follow.

There was no exercise regime to adhere to. I didn't have to resist any cravings - there weren't any. (I even easily resisted peanut butter toast - a favourite of my Daughter's and a previous weakness of mine!) After the initial four weeks I went on to the Maintainence Programme and continued to replace breakfast with an IsoWhey shake.

I still chose the recommended "catabolic" fruits and veges over others. It's not complicated, it's just habit now. I continued to lose weight without a great deal of effort. The best thing of all is that I have kept the weight off for over six months now and no longer fear putting weight on.

I even enjoy the odd piece of peanut butter toast and know that my metabolism will deal with it!

I had my first IsoWhey shake almost two years ago and I still look forward to it each morning for breakfast - just because I love the flavour, the sustained feeling of fullness and the energy it gives me. I am ME again! Thanks PharmaFoods

Kerryn Hoffman 12 July 2009

Julie Musolino's and her family stories

julie familyjulie-fam2

Hi, my name is Julie and this is my ISOWHEY story.

I am a busy mother of two young girls, before I had my children I never had a weight problem. Over a five year period 30 kilos had crept on.

A combination of lack of sleep, poor diet, eating extra meals with the children and ensuring that their nutritional needs were met, I found myself forgetting to look after my nutritional needs.

Last September I was watching an ISOWHEY show on TVSN and was truly inspired by their presenter Nikki and her success story with ISOWHEY. It was after that program that I decided to order my first pack.

I made up my mind I was going to get back to the weight I was prior to having my children. I had tried many shakes and diets, none of which worked for me. They just didn't keep me full, or they involved too much preparation for me to maintain the diet with my family and busy lifestyle.

ISOWHEY has proved to be the best thing for me as preparation time is minimal and it is very easy to maintain my needs as well as that of my family.

The first 2 weeks I was on the intensive program and now allow myself to eat out once a week. From learning about what to eat from the good foods list in the accompanying booklet I was able to eat out without it affecting my weight.

I got through what is usually the toughest time at Christmas and many other family functions and did not gain any weight, in fact I am still losing it.

After 14 weeks I had lost 22 kilos and now at 22 weeks I have lost 30 kilos. ISOWHEY has made it so easy for me to achieve my goals.

No more hiding in big clothes or avoiding cameras. My confidence levels are high, I am kept full and I have a much higher energy level, which enables me to keep up with my children. Another good thing about ISOWHEY is that it really tastes great. I am also doing some light exercise, basically just walking to help me tone up.

I know from watching the ISOWHEY shows that a lot of people can relate to my story. A lot of my friends and family have noticed my weight loss and joined the ISOWHEY program each achieving a similar success, which is really great. My father has lost 14 kgs and my husband has lost 12kgs - both in a couple of months!!

When people can see living proof that something works and how easy it is, it helps motivate others to achieve their goals. People at our local Chemist and shops have asked my how I lost the weight and are now using ISOWHEY and also losing weight.

I am now extremely happy with myself when I go clothes shopping and am able to buy 10-12 clothes. A special thanks to Ricky at PharmaFoods for his support, when I have had to call on him to answer questions, to Dr Bob for making this fantastic product, and to TVSN for helping introduce me to this product.

David Bellamy's story. To date he has lost 47 kilos

david-bellamyA colleague at work got me started on IsoWhey, as I am a shift worker and finishing work when everyone else is in bed found me heading home past the all night fast food places and living on junk food. At the time I was comfortable in a relationship and found I was getting bigger every day. We wanted to start a family and my partner was advised to shed some kilos to help with conception and I thought I would join her. The relationship did not last however my drive to lose weight did and I continued with the weight loss.

There was a time when I considered having lap band surgery but it was a costly procedure. I felt I would rather save that money and use my will power to stick to the IsoWhey programme which in turn would teach me healthy eating habits. I found the IsoWhey booklet easy to follow and soon got hooked on salads. I consider this very important in making the IsoWhey programme a lifestyle change for me and not just another fad diet.

The weight started to come off easily and this kept me motivated. I noticed my health improved significantly. I began sleeping better and my snoring drastically improved. As the kilos decreased my self esteem increased and I was feeling great.

To date I have lost 47 kilos and am on track to reaching my 80 kilogram target weight.

I am thankful to IsoWhey- it is a great product and has become a big part of my life.